Who are we? - NADR
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Who are we?


NADR is a joint initiative of Dutch design-related research groups, from various universities of applied sciences. NADR connects lecturers for whom design is a central theme. Design lecturers combine their strengths in NADR, working to increase the quality and visibility of applied design research. NADR is the main point of contact and sparring partner for organizations, companies and policy makers in the field of applied design research. This way NADR strengthens the position of applied design research.

More information?

If you want to know more about applied design research at universities of applied sciences or the Network Applied Design Research,


Please contact:

Ruben Timmers, project manager of NADR

Innovative power for a better world

The research groups which are part of NADR use applied design research to develop specific innovations for people and society as a whole. Accross the Netherlands design research groups practice future-oriented applied design research within themes such as health, nutrition, construction, technology and sustainability, with the purpose of making the world healthier, happier and safer.

Research groups and networks

Within the Network of Applied Design Research the following universities of applied sciences and research groups actively work together:

ArtEz & Centre of Expertise Future Makers

The E-scape research group researches how product designers and interior architects can contribute to a meaningful living environment in a society that is going through radical technological, economical and cultural changes. Together with the AtrEZ research group Fashion, E-scape forms the ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Makers, that innitiates research and innovation projects which contribute to more sustainable value chains for both people and the environment.

: Lr. Jeroen van den Eijnde
E-mail: j.vandeneijnde@artez.nl

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

The research groups Revolution of the Manufacturing Industry and Smart & Inclusive Society of Creating 010 focus on transdisciplinary collaboration between artists, designers, ITers and other professions.

Lr. Peter Troxler
E-mail: p.troxler@hr.nl

HAN University of Applied Sciences

The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) sponsored chair and multidisciplinary research group Architecture in Health focuses on innovations in the area of building for health and for a smart living environment.


Contact: Prof. Dr. Lr. Masi Mohammadi
E-mail: m.mohammadi@tue.nl

NHL University of Applied Sciences

The university-wide Open Innovation research group investigates how innovative ‘non-design’ professionals can develop new products and services in design-oriented ways within their own working environments.


Contact: Lr. Peter Joore
E-mail: peter.joore@nhl.nl


The Health Innovations & Technology (HIT) research group are experts in designing technology and care concepts and in acceptance and implementation issues, always with a key role for the user.


Contact: Lr. Eveline Wouters
E-mail: e.wouters@fontys.nl

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

The Co-Design research group develops and validates tools and methods for involving people throughout the process of designing people-product-service systems, with a focus on systemic innovations that empower people to care for themselves, for each other and for the environment.


Contact: Lr. Remko van der Lugt
E-mail: remko.vanderlugt@hu.nl

Avans University of Applied Sciences and Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy

The Research group Innovation of the Building Process & Technology focuses on integrated building- and design processes and the required collaboration. It collaborates with the Centre of Expertise Sustainable Innovation of Avans.

The Biobased Construction research group aims to collect, develop, valorise and disseminate knowledge about the application of biobased materials in construction and civil engineering. In doing so, they work closely together with the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE).

: Lr. Emile Quanjel
E-mail: emcj.quanjel@avans.nl

Saxion  ID research group

The Industrial Design research group designs products based on applied research focused on target group centered design, innovative materials & technologies, and sustainability. Saxion FabLab Enschede is its experimentation lab.


Contact: Lr. Karin van Beurden
E-mail: k.m.m.vanbeurden@saxion.nl

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The research group Circular Innovation and Entrepreneurship conducts design research concerning materials, products, systems and business models that can contribute to a circular city.


Contact: Lr. Inge Oskam
E-mail: i.f.oskam@hva.nl

Hybrid Publishing

In the network Hybrid Publishing research groups from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences research the possibilities of hybrid publishing in collaboration with companies.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The research group Innovation Networks develops and offers expertise and tools that integrate research, design and testing based on design-driven innovation. We address complex challenges and work in networks together with governments, non-profit organizations and companies to design solutions that make our society more futureproof.


Contact: Lr. Christine de Lille
E-mail: c.s.h.delille@hhs.nl

Hanze University of Applied Sciences

The research group Art & Sustainability researches the role of the sustainable designer. An important focus is the continuing development of creative practices and relevant knowledge of materials, language, technical skills and new possibilities for making a living.


Contact: Bob Verheijden, chair of Minerva Art Academy
E-mail: r.m.c.verheijden@pl.hanze.nl

ClickNL/Next Fashion

The NextFashion Innovation Network is responsible for the innovation agenda for the fashion sector within CLICKNL. The network focuses on the value of fashion, the relationship between fashion, technology and sustainability, and reinforcing the innovation system of the fashion sector.


Contact: Lucie Huiskens, programme coordinator ClickNL –  NextFashion
E-mail: lucie@huiskens.nu