Posters Work in Progress 2016 - NADR
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Posters Work in Progress 2016

About This Project

Review the posters of the 12 research projects that were featured on the Work in Progress exhibition of 2016. Various research groups and networks have presented their research projects during this exhibition, such as:

  1. Composing the New Carpet – ArtEz, Centre of Epertise Future Makers
  2. Bridge made from biocomposites – Biobased Construction research group, Avans
  3. CLICKNL | NextFashion Innovation Network research, CLICKNL | NextFashion
  4. The eatable Wall: towards a green and active life, HAN, Architecture in Health research group
  5. Powertools, Hogeschool Utrecht, Co-design research group
  6. Frisian Design Factory Blokhuispoort, NHL, Open Innovation research group
  7. The digital Smart Glove Design Process, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Health Innovations & Technology research group (HIT)
  8. Smart Urban Farming, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Technical Innovation and Enterprise research group
  9. Designing for Caregivers, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Industrial Design research group
  10. WUP; the hoist for use at home, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Industrial Design research group
  11. Designing Privacy: integrating multiple perspectives on privacy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Creating 010 research group
  12. Hybrid Publishing Toolkit for the Arts, Institute of Network Cultures (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
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