A sense of Green - NADR
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A sense of Green

About This Project


This booklet contains a short reflection of the workshop activities conducted by the research group Popular Culture Sustainability and Innovation (PSI), of Hanze Unniversity of Applied Sciences. The research was conducted for the ‘CCC Reloaded: CREALAB’. Based upon a series of explorative workshops, this booklet contains critical reviews of art, design and sustainability.


A broad spectrum of stakeholders share their viewpoints on bio-based design, the value of waste and artists as agents for sustainable development. The urgency of this subject and the innovative opportunities it generates are underscored by employees, such as creative entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers and art students that collaborated in the previous workshop series.


‘A Sense of Green’ includes contributions from Han Brezet, Nathalie Beekman, Klaas Pieter Lindeman, Aart van Bezooijen, Anouk Zeeuw van der Laan, Anne Nigten and others.


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